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Our products range specialize in exporting a wide range of products


Through grazing on the arable plains of the rift valley in the central Tanzania, the quality of our meat starts to take its course.

Cashew Nuts

We export high quality cashew nut and cashew fruits from Southern Tanzania


Tanzania has an array of pulses which include beans, cowpeas, pigeon, peas, mung beans, dolichols, chickpeas and lentils


We supply range of spices such as dry ginger, cardamon,black pepper, white pepper, chillies and cinnamon


Off the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro grows Arabica coffee, one of the unique, historical and important cash crops to humankind


Fruits exported by us includes avocados, watermelons, mangoes and pineapples all of which are organic.

Sea Food

Off the coast of Tanzania lays the Indian Ocean, an aquatic environment where world class seafood money can afford to buy dwells.


Keeped within the forests of Tanzania, Our organic honey has a unique taste and aroma

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